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Sunuva creates Chic swimwear and beachwear for kids with the added bonus of 50+ UVA protection. Created by mums Emily & Sabrina for mums Sunuva kids swimwear features a unique range of eye-catching prints for both boys and girls. Inspired by global travel with a boho twist their stylish swimwear, you’ll find UV rash vests and cotton dresses, shorts, shirts and t-shirts that are available all year round.

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Everything you need to ensure your little ones look super stylish on holiday, Sunuva’s collection includes a new range of unique swimwear prints alongside fabulous summer cotton. Ocean adventures both on and under the sea were the inspirations for the boys’ prints. Explore the underwater world with deep-sea scuba divers and marvel at the sea life with fish, jellyfish and seahorse prints. Or go nautical, with classic anchors, flags and cool star prints – set sail with a treasure map in hand! The tiger and buffalo prints are inspired by the fantastic discoveries they will make once they reach that mysterious desert island!

Sunuva’s founders Emily & Sabrina met on vacation when their children recognized each other from nursery school. Together they realized the need for UV protected swimwear that’s both colorful and attractive.

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Soon they started a journey together with a mission to create a swimwear and beachwear line which was not only super stylish and cool but also kept kids safe in the sun.

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We wanted to encompass a boho style which we both love and at the same time creating a quality product with a particular function. We could not find any prints we liked so we decided to design those too. Our latest collection is inspired by bohemian travel as exotic holidays are a passion we both share.