Tailgate Kids

Tailgate kids college t-shirts are created by Tailgate Clothing. Established in 1997 Tailgate re-creates a forgotten era of timeless collegiate and classic American sportswear by incorporating vintage manufacturing methods, workmanship, and an eye for details. Weathered graphics and vintage washes give Tailgate Clothing an authentic, worn-in feel.

tailgate baby bigkahuna onesie

Tailgate started in the basement of Dennis Snyder, an engineer from Ames Iowa, who was joined by his son Todd.

It started as a hobby, a way for my dad and me to bond is how Todd explains how the Tailgate story began. We’d make shirts for college sports fans and then sell them at the games out of the back of my dad’s car.

Back in 1997 when the Tailgate story began, neither Dennis nor Todd thought that they were forming a company, they were just sharing their passion for collegiate sports.

Tailgate Kids MICHIGAN T-shirt

Today the Tailgate brand has grown from what began as a goal to create curated college wear to a passion for crafting clothes that show off the story of America through its prolific icons. You’ll find t-shirts of Muhammad Ali or the Fighting Irish, Chevy or Templeton Rye, your favorite bar or vacation spot.

Our passion is in celebrating the lineage of American design, innovation, and spirit.

tailgate kids wisconsin badgers t-shirt

And here is my favorite Tailgate t-shirt The Wisconsin Badger! Those were the days…