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Tartine et Chocolat kids clothes was established in 1977 with a goal of creating a unique style with an emphasis on timeless beauty. A symbol of high-end French designer kids fashion with perfect outfits for babies, boys, and girls, Tartine et Chocolat is simple and refined, modern and yet close to tradition. With a unique eye for detail, Tartine et Chocolat creates refreshing styles, made with exclusive fabrics and patterns in harmonious colors.

TARTINE ET CHOCOLAT Gold Tulle Maxi Dress with White Feathers
TARTINE ET CHOCOLAT Gold Tulle Maxi Dress with White Feathers

The Tartine et Chocolat story began back in 1977 with Catherine Painvin’s desire to surround tiny babies in comfort and dress little children in tender, chic, yet unpretentious clothing. Quickly the exclusive Garda motif and Tartine et Chocolat stripe set the tone for the brand’s symbol.

tartine et chocolat girls clothes france
Over the years Tartine et Chocolat has gone beyond creating children’s clothing by expanding product ranges to include high-quality children’s gifts from soft toys, fragrances, children’s bedroom furniture, and more.

tartine et chocolat girls winter coat

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If you’re in Paris you must visit the Tartine et Chocolat Saint-Germain Boutique in order to experience the brand’s universe. A Jacques Garcia creation, you’ll enjoy a world of free and bold spirit. The interior designer has created a taste for refinement and beauty with a hint of his own childhood years. Garcia creates a way of living handed down to him by his family, which he is delighted to pass on in turn in this natural, inviting decor. Enjoy this new, unexpected codes for the childhood universe, creating ‘a wonderful world with the shapes, fabrics, and colors of our heritage, in a baroque, dream-like setting.

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