The Dutch Design Bakery

The Dutch Design Bakery was created in April 2003 by designer Marie Mulder, offering a cheerful baby and children’s collection with the spirit of modern parents. The Dutch Design Bakery offers two main collections a year for babies, girls and boys ages 0-10 years.

The Dutch Design Bakery’s designer Marie Mulder studied fashion at the Academy of Fine Arts in Arnhem has been followed. She then worked as a designer at a number of fashion houses in the Netherlands.

the dutch design bakery girls winter clothes

About Dutch Design Bakery Collection

With their own handwriting and Marie’s distinctive graphics the Bakery develops joyful and innovative baby and children’s clothing in line with the spirit of modern parents.

Two main collections (Spring / Summer and Fall / Winter) for Babies and Babes offered in the age group of 0-10 years per year.

the dutch design bakery baby clothes

They are colorful design products with the associated high quality but with prices of the middle segment.

All collections of The Dutch Design Bakery are made from 100% organic cotton.

The collections are always new and practical items are included, such as travel suits, gift boxes and soft toys.

Besides clothing collections, Marie takes freelance assignments and make them original handmade products such as dolls, pillows, ceramics, and paintings.

You’ll love the brands’ quirky handwriting featuring fun and innovative baby and children fashion for baby, girls and boys ages 0 to 10 years. This modern label is made of high-quality fabrics and materials and stands out of the crowd with the use of distinctive graphics. Each year, two collections (Spring / Summer and Fall / Winter) created for baby, girls and boys.

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