Tom & Drew

The Tom & Drew story goes like this. Wanting nothing more than to tailor her nephews in the most tasteful — yet stylish — boys apparel, Auntie Alexia Panza searched and came up short in her quest to find fashion-worthy clothes for young Tommy and Andrew. Alexia took matters into her own hands and started a charismatic line exemplified by their youthful, spirited personalities — Tom & Drew. A unique brand for the all-American boy who wants to stand out by sporting fashion-forward trends, Tom & Drew has a wholesome yet modern approach to this line combines a classic look with a current flare, pleasing both parents and sons alike. Tom & Drew’s signature looks are characterized by the iconic “varsity” jacket, sewn-in-bulldog cufflinks, cardigan sweaters, and Japanese denim.

I have always been fascinated by the spell that dinosaurs cast over generation after generation of boys. Dinosaurs may be long extinct, but they are the building blocks of every boy’s imagination. Figurines turn into books, books into video games, and though all little boys must grow up, their warmest memories of childhood always include dinosaurs. Tom & Drew’s Fall collection takes inspiration from the luscious greens and earthy browns of prehistoric Earth, sprinkled with the jewel-like tones of illustrated dinosaurs from children’s books. We move away from last season’s colorful seersucker designs, setting our sights on soft wools, tartans, and silks. Alexia Panza, Founder, Tom & Drew

The Call of the High Seas Collection offers a breath of a salty air. Inspired by the timeless elegance of vintage Americana and glorious exploits of famous travelers, both real and fictional – Odysseus, Captain Hook, Gulliver, Christopher Columbus and Captain Nemo. Tom & Drew’s traditional luxurious fabrics: buttery soft Pima cotton, airy linen, vibrant Madras and lustrous silk have been joined by hip newcomers – featherlight Japanese Kurabo denim in an indigo wash and yarn dyed denim in bright green and caramel. Classic seersucker gets a hip twist lending softness to brilliant gingham pants.

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