TOOBYDOO New York Kids Clothes is a cool childrenswear lifestyle design label founded in New York. It embodies the style and spirit of the exploring kid. The world of TOOBYDOO is ‘go happy, go lucky’ with ‘to be, do!’ attitude. TOOBYDOO is a modern, urban, sophisticated aesthetic – items are designed with function and comfort in mind.

The first Toobydoo collection was launched back Fall 2009 offering a mini-lifestyle concept with multiple product categories, including baby, boys, girls, and swimwear for newborns to 10-year-olds.

With a mission to be the world’s most inspiring brand for modern kids and their parents, TOOBYDOO is all about the active kids and the fun of play. It’s all about the philosopher Plato and Sartre’s famous quote – to be is to do.

toobydoo nyc kids clothes

We also believe in carefree, easy going kids, as when Frank Sinatra was singing do-be-do-be-do as a reminder to be.Remember that kids are always asked what they want to be when they grow up and not what they want to do. Yet when we grow up we seem to be much more focused on the doing and than on the being.

TOOBYDOO designs for babies, girls and boys with a brand philosophy of imagination, ideas, form, function, innovation, and design.

Each TOOBYDOO design is inspired by art and architecture. Most fabrics are uniquely designed by TOOBYDOO. Important to the brand are color, softness, quality or fabric and construction.

With its modern, urban, sophisticated aesthetic Toobydoo is know for its signature stripe patterns and geometric prints. Enjoy the modern silhouettes and soft custom designed fabrics, such as cotton-cashmere and stretch cotton blends.

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