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Tutto Piccolo has a long rich history of creating children’s clothing in Spain. The brand is managed by Mercedes Mataix, member of the sixth generation of a family that has been working in the textile industry since 1840. Tutto Piccolo symbolizes passion, talent, and family. A passion for children’s fashion, design, and workmanship. Talent as the principal resource to be identified in these times of major challenges. And of course family – being the sixth generation of working in the textile industry.

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The Tutto Piccolo collection is inspired by art. From the classics such as Da Vinci to the contemporary and controversial such as Salvador Dali and Andy Warhol, but always within a classic aesthetics that takes down to the last detail. As for textiles, fabrics include classics such as Tartan Scottish style and hounds-tooth in a mild childlike version, as wells as soft fabrics of wool and velveteen cotton.

When they choose us to clothe their children, it all means something for us. – Mercedes Mataix, General Manager

The company’s products are distributed by leading multi-brand shops throughout Spain with a portfolio of over 900 customers. Beyond Spain, the company dresses the youngest members of many families worldwide.

Tutto Piccolo Charity Projects

The company believes in the importance of giving back to its community and continues to collaborate with social initiatives for the benefit of children and children’s rights.

For example, the brand contributes with IT (computer equipment) material to the NGO Dimediali África, which will be used for educational work and the financing of the own NGO. They also work with the Association of the Child’s Integration (AIN), whose mission is to provide an opportunity for young people with problems of labor insertion, to develop in a working environment standard.

For more than 12 years Tutto Piccolo promotes the annual contest of fashion design in collaboration with the School of Design. The purpose of this contest is to bring professional reality closer to the students and give to the company a new approach to ideas.