Twin Set Girl

Twin Set Girlby Simona Barbieri

Twin Set Girl designs sophisticated and elegant style with an eccentric twist. Their wonderful yarns, knit stitches, lines, and prints breathe life into a total must-have look. You’re going to love this mini-me girls collection with the same brand DNA as the luxurious Twin Set Women’s brand.

Twin-Set, founded in 1987 by Simona Barbieri and Tiziano Sgarbi, designs collections for “a woman who is at the same time sophisticated and with a strong character.

A woman who plays with her femininity by combining romantic applications such as sequins, tulle, and embroidery, with striking prints and bolder materials including jeans, leather,
studs and technical fabrics.”

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Watch The Twin Set Girl Fashion Show at Pitti Bimbo in Florence, Italy

At the heart of Twin-Set’s production is knitwear, produced entirely in the holding of Carpi that has technologically advanced machines. Highly skilled technicians follow all the stages of production of the product is knitting package in it is two Carpi – Modena.

Twin Set Simona Barbieri with its research and tradition, style, and quality, with an excellent customer service define it one of the most representative brands in women and girl’s fashion Made in Italy.

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