Uncommonly Cute

Uncommonly Cute designs hip and cool baby and toddler clothes for the trendy little boys and girls.

Created in New York but inspired by trendy yet but speechless babies everywhere, Uncommonly Cute kids designs cool baby clothes that offer a fresh original look that you won’t find in your typical department store.

You’re gonna find a lot of really innovative and cute things here by Uncommonly Cute. Tons of fun, hip and trendy baby and kids stuff made with lovin’ care. We’ve even had the children of “celebrities” wearing our gear. We love kids. Our kids, your kids, all kids… – Penney Dench, Uncommonly Cute

I first discovered Uncommonly Cute back in the beginning of Dashin Fashion when I came across their ‘Miso Cute’, ‘Friends Like Me’, ‘I’m huge on twitter’, ‘World Peas’ that are oh so cute!

You might have seen their t-shirts on celebrity babies including Tori Spelling’s son Liam Aaron McDermott who has the ‘Swinger’, ‘Elmo is MyHomeboy’, ‘World Peas’ and ‘That’s How I Roll’ tees.

What I didn’t realize is Uncommonly Cute’s dedication to helping children, moms & families in need.

Each time you buy something from Uncommonly Cute for your own kids, or for other kids you know, you are also helping a child in need whom you might not know.

Some of the charity organizations that Uncommonly Cute Cares to donate include Children’s Advocacy Center and Operation Christmas Child.

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