Velveteen – Childhood with Style / Interview

One of my favorite new kids’ brands is Velveteen, designed by Laura Egloff who I had the pleasure of interviewing at Playtime New York and Paris.

When designing for each season Laura strives to create a collection with a sense of playfulness and respect that reflects her vision of what childhood should be: beautiful, imaginative and carefree.

Velveteen offers sophisticated and classically styled children’s fashion that is as whimsical and comfortable as it is beautiful.

velveteen girls clothing

Velveteen is for the child who shines bright like a diamond. Velveteen is for the child who is strong, smart, and kind. Velveteen is for the global child in all of us. – Laura Egloff

One of the special features of Velveteen is the use of Indian artisan techniques to create beautiful handmade fabrics and details that bring individuality to each piece of art that is produced. I love the special touch of hand embroidery and embellishments that are tastefully added to classic Velveteen silhouettes made of the finest silk and cotton fabrics that are hand-block printed for each collection.

Using a combination of Indian artisan techniques, Velveteen is finely crafted and hand-embroidered. Special care is taken in providing employment to mothers who would otherwise be unable to provide for their children and education for children who would otherwise be unable to attend school. Whenever possible Velveteen Clothing works with fair-trade organizations.

Watch Interview with Velveteen Designer Laura Egloff

About Velveteen Designer Laura Egloff

I’m California-born and New-York-educated, making a home in Hong Kong by way of London with a Swiss husband and our two global children. And I know that when I was a young child, I embraced life with irrational exuberance just as our children do now. I was spellbound by a sense of wonder, the world offering mystery and wonder at every turn. As I watch our children’s childhood unfold here in Asia, surrounded by the international influence of an American mother and a Swiss father, I see in their lives a mirror of the vision I have for Velveteen.

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