Velveteen Boys Jimmy B Tuxedo Shirt

velveteen boys holiday james bond outfit

During my video interview with Laura Egloff, Founder and Designer of Velveteen at the Playtime New York trade show, Laura shared with me her favorite items in the Velveteen Holiday Collection.

One of my favorite parts of the interview was when Laura shared her Jimmy B Tuxedo Shirt (watch the video below).

Abou The Velveteen Collection

For the boys, for the holidays we have what I call the Jimmy B shirt, it’s James Bond (no big secret). It’s a great little tuxedo shirt with hand pinned tucking and a black satin applique on the front. It looks like he’s had a rough night at the casino, tie is off after a long day, and a little french cuff.

If I had a boy this tuxedo shirt would be my personal pick for a holiday party! The Jimmy B Tuxedo Shirt is a hand pin-tucked tuxedo shirt with faux french cuffs and a black satin appliqué “untied” bow tie…a la Casino Royale! Sizes 12m – 8Y.