Vilebrequin Boys Swimear

Vilebrequin Boys Daddy & Me Swimwear

Vilebrequin boys swimwear is a mini-me version of the Vilebrequin men’s swimwear collection available in over 50 colors. Vilebrequin boys of all ages are naturally at home in this colorful world, reminiscent of fine sandy beaches, sunsets, and dreams.

When I think of Vilebrequin swimsuits I picture an adorable Father and Son together on a family vacation posing for a family photo. The two are sporting a perfect bronze tan and wearing matching bright colorful Vilebrequin swim trunks, sunglasses, and a hat. In the background is the turquoise blue ocean reflecting the sun rays and a sandy white beach that stretches on forever.

vilebrequin kids swimwear

Each 250-gram Vilebrequin swimsuit started with a creative and colorful graphic design printed on a canvas with a special technique. A minimum of eight colors is used while mixing patterns from flowers to fruits to stripes and checks.

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The History Behind Vilebrequin Swimwear

It all started in Saint-Tropez in 1971 at Café Sénéquier a meeting place on the French Riviera. A young man sketches an original design for swim shorts on a checked tablecloth. Inspired by surfer’s trunks, a new colorful and original design takes shape that is very different from the traditional “swim briefs” of the time.

The new swim short is made out of spinnaker canvas (sailing is, after all, the king of sports in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez). It dries more quickly in the sun and wind. The first Vilebrequin which is French for “crankshaft” is born with a reference to its designer’s passion for automobiles.

On the beaches of Saint-Tropez, the new Vilebrequin swim trunks – practical and comfortable, colorful and très chic are an overnight success!

Saint-Tropez forever… Today this spirit is exported around the world, from New York to Beverly Hills, from Paris to Saint-Barthélemy, from Porto Cervo to Rome.

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