Well Spotted

Well Spotted can you make your kids funnier? Put on a Well Spotted kids t-shirts and it will make them smile.

Screen printed cotton t-shirts for the baby with street smarts and who says it like it is.

Well Spotted Story

The idea behind Well Spotted t-shirts was born out of parental joy, expectation & a parent’s frustration. Why can’t my kids look cool wearing original clothes?

Well Spotted kids t-shirts started when a “New father” wanted his new son to wear new and original t-shirts not seen on any other children. “New father” just happens to work in fashion and thinks, “Hey, I’ll just make some myself!”

Somehow it helps get me through to describe some of their idiosyncratic ways on a t-shirt. And Well Spotted t-shirts are made out of a need to keep all of my production as locally focused as possible …so I travel 12km to Bankstown to have my t-shirts made and I print them all myself, yes with my own hands.

Part of Well Spotted’s brand ethos is to take special care in manufacturing in Australia. Let’s face it, if all the big brands insist on manufacturing off-shore then the day will come when there will be no one left in Australia that can make a t-shirt, or any clothing for that matter.

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