Kids Fashion Hong Kong

hong kong kids fashionHong’s Kong Kids Fashion Industry offers lots of international style for baby, boys and girls. With Hong Kong based children’s clothing designers are expats originally from France (Zolima) and the USA (Velveteen Clothing) and designers who studies in New York (Siaomimi).

Kids Brands from Hong Kong

Interview with Velveteen Clothing’s Laura Egroff

Last year at Playtime New York I discovered a wonderful new kids brand Velveteen Clothing designed by Laura Egroff. California designed, Swiss owned and Hong Kong based, Velveteen is passionate about creating sophisticated and classically styled children’s fashion that is as whimsical and comfortable as it is beautiful.

During our interview, Laura explained how she started Velveteen and a bit about the brand ethos.

“Velveteen is actually a project that we’ve been working on for…it’s basically a lifetime of work. I went to school for fashion right out of high school and then went back and finished a business degree. My parents insisted on getting a proper business education. That took me into finance for about 10-15 years. It’s been over that time that I’ve been developing the concept of Velveteen,” explained Laura.

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