Kids Fashion Israel

Israel kids fashionIsrael’s Kids Fashion market includes wonderful dresses for girls perfect for special occasions by Studio Noa and Sweet Girls Shop. You’ll also find a number of mini-me collections by Honigman, Fox, Castro and more. Shilav offers a wide variety of baby clothing and accessories.


Kids Brands from Israel

Studio Noa Girls Clothing

Studio Noa in my opinion is the best fashion label in Israel. Studio Noa’s collections are “art to wear” featuring bold colors, generous embroidery, applique, fabric processes, rich prints and hand crafting. Studio Noa creates a wide variety of leisure and formal clothing from bridesmaids’ dresses to mat mitzvah and other special occasions.

This extremely popular brand, founded in 1996 by designer Noa Yaar in the heart of Israel’s Moshav (rural village) of Rishpon.

Young girls always love Noa’s bridesmaids’ dresses, beautiful looks for their Bat-Mitzvahs and dresses perfectly made for special occasions. The ecological, inviting design of the stores complete the shopping experience to a fun and joyful one. No doubt it is a truly one of the unique brands Israel has to offer.

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