Kids Fashion Mexico

mexicoMexico’s first kids brand on Dashin Fashion is Little Miss Galia. So far it’s the only brand I’ve discovered from Mexico if you know of more Mexican baby, girls or boys brands I’d be excited to learn more about them!

Interview with Little Miss Galia Designer Alia Charvel

I discovered Little Miss Galia at Playtime New York where it Monterrey, Mexico based designer by Alia Charvel shared with me how she started this wonderful brand and showed me her new collection.


Alia began her career in women’s fashion design, but when she became a mom to Galia, she was inspired to create her own girl’s brand – Little Miss Galia.


Little Miss Galia’s motto is – We interpret fashion trends for little bodies, offering cool little clothes for cool little ladies between the ages of 2 and 12 years old.


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