Archimede Boys Sun Protective UV Swim Top in Red


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How handsome is this Archimede boy’s red and navy blue sun protection top? This comfy beach top not only will protect your little guys from the sun’s harmful rays, but it’s also super comfy made from smooth and stretchy fabric. With its UV sun protection of 50+ against both UVA and UVB rays, and a high neck he’ll be protected everywhere, including the sensitive in the back of the neck. Love the nautical look on the shirt with a small anchor print across the front. For easy wear, this boys shirt has a handy zip fastening down the back, since it has tight-fitting. Another plus is that it comes with a handy storage bag, perfect for days at the beach. Discover more great swim and beachwear for boys by Archimede from Belgium. Image: Archimede.

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