Cardi B’s Daughter Kulture – Burberry Baby Girl Beige Trench Coat


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So cute! Love this adorable photo of Kulture Cephus wearing this Burberry Baby Girl Mini-Me Beige Mayfair Trench Coat. Proud mommy Cardi B shared this photo on Instagram dated January 26, 2020. Kulture looks so stylish wearing this luxury Burberry Beige Mayfair trench coat for little boys and girls. Inspired by the Burberry Adult collection, this weatherproof, Heritage-inspired raincoat includes all the brand’s classic design details shrunk down in a miniature size. Kulture completed the look with a Burberry Kids Beige Vintage Checked Baseball Hat and trademark Burberry Kids beige check scarf. Shop the Burberry Baby Collection Online. Ships Worldwide. Photo Source: Instagram / iamcardyb.

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