Chris Brown’s Daughter Royalty – Gucci White Vintage Logo Sweatshirt


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Chris Brown posted this adorable photo of his 3-year-old daughter Royalty on Instagram wearing this super cute streetwear look by GUCCI Kids. Love this GUCCI Girls White Mini-Me Logo Sweatshirt inspired by the GUCCI adult collection. Love this Luxurious ivory hooded sweatshirt from Gucci for boys & girls. Designed in a soft, mid-weight felted cotton jersey, the front has a vintage logo print and raw-edged seams on the collar. Perfect Gucci Kids Mini-Me style inspired by the adult collection. Royalty completed the look with a pair of jeans and adorable GUCCI girls logo moccasins with an animal print. Shop the Gucci Kids Collection online. Ships Worldwide. Photo Source: Instagram / Chris Brown.

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