Dolce & Gabbana Girls Mini Me Blue Majolica Dress & Boys Tracksuit


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Love this Dolce & Gabbana Girls Mini-Me Majolica Dress. Inspired by the D&G Women’s Majolica Collection, this beautiful Majolica print dress from Dolce & Gabbana is designed in cool cotton poplin and printed with a Sicilian ceramic tile print. Looks perfect with a pair of D&G Majolica Print Sandals and a matching Canvas Bag. For boys, I love this luxurious DOLCE & GABBANA Boys MAJOLICA Zip-Up Top made in a lightweight cotton sweatshirt jersey with a colorful Majolica print. Matches perfectly with a pair of DOLCE & GABBANA Boys Blue MAJOLICA Jersey Shorts, also printed with traditional Italian Majolica tiles inspired by the adult collection, so boys can look just their Daddies. Don’t forget to add a cute DOLCE & GABBANA Boys MAJOLICA T-Shirt. Also comes in a baby boy and girl size for little fashionistas who want to look like a big sister, brother, mom, and dad! Image source: Dolce & Gabbana.

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