Gucci Girl Mini Me Red Cotton Crochet Cardigan & Bermuda Shorts


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Gorgeous! Love this Gucci Girl Mini Me Red Cotton Crochet Cardigan & Shorts Special Occasion Look. Inspired by the GUCCI Women’s Resort 2019 Runway Show at Milan Fashion Week, this classic mini-me red bon ton crocheted cotton cardigan is trimmed in Gucci’s signature black, white and green colors. Designed in the Italian luxury style, this adorable cardigan has precious details reminiscent of adorning Renaissance garments, GG pearl buttons define the closure. Looks perfect with a pair of matching Gucci Girls Red Crochet Shorts with a green, black and white trim around the curved hem and side seam. Complete the look with a GUCCI Girls multi-color floral print blouse and fancy white lace tights. For shoes, I love these GUCCI Children’s Silver shiny metallic leather Mary Jane style ballet flats decorated with a famous GUCCI oversized pink bow and gold diamantes. Discover more Gucci girls runway outfits from the current collection online. Ships Worldwide. Image Source: Gucci.

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