Gucci Girls Dark Blue Velvet Floral Lace Collar Party Dress


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So stunning! Love this Gucci Girls Dark Blue Velvet Floral Embroidery Lace Collar Party Dress from the Fall 2021 Collection. Borrowed from the Women’s collection, this soft elegant midnight blue velvet dress is made in a silk blend with beautiful ivory and pink floral embroidery on the bodice. Designed in a vintage-inspired style, the trims and collar are crafted in intricate ivory lace. The skirt is pleated to create a lovely flowey silhouette. Looks perfect with a Gucci beige tote bag made in the brand’s signature Supreme canvas with the GG monogram motif with a colorful, cartoon woodland print. Complete the look with a pair of blue Princeton leather slipper shoes. Discover more designer girls clothes from the current collection. Ships Worldwide. Image source: Gucci.

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