ENK Children’s Club – January 2010

enk january 2010ENK Children’s Club took place on January 10-12, 2010 in New York City.ENK has four seasonal shows each year – Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. Over 300 designers exhibited at Children’s Club in January, with the majority from the USA. At Children’s Club, Vogue Bambini and ENK host a fashion show featuring kids fashion designers’ latest collection. Read on to discover a taste of the wide variety of brands that exhibited at ENK Children’s Club.

Discover Kids Brand Exhibiting at ENK Children’s Club

Andrea’s Beau – USA

Andrea’s Beau‘s goal is to create irresistibly pretty accessories for girls and moms. Andrea’s Beau products are handmade in the United States by a team of remarkable women who love the idea that their creations adorn girls and moms throughout the world. Their flexible work schedules allow these women to balance their professional and private lives. They don’t outsource because they believe that the personal connection each of us feels toward their beautiful products fosters a joyful atmosphere in the workplace, results in superior workmanship, and elevates their brand.

KidCuteTure – USA

KidCuteTure is a mother-and-daughter team designing elegant children’s wear for everyday adventures. KidCuteTure’s chic styles are inspired by European commitment to quality, Japanese curiosity with form and an American sense of humor. KidCuteTure creates girl’s fashions that are highly imaginative and versatile, but also comfortable and functional – they are perfectly suited for active lifestyles. Their inventive dress and tunic silhouettes combine timeless sophistication with a modern flare. Motivated by the comfort of a t-shirt and sourcing the finest natural fabrics, each collection is designed to be no fuss, easy to wear – there are no zippers, metal closures or buttons – you simply pull it over your head and you’re ready to go! KidCuteTure is committed to making clothes that define child-friendly – gorgeous and comfortable.

Masala Baby – USA

A Little Spice for your Baby’s Life, Masala Baby designs modern kids clothing inspired by India. Masala is a combination of unique ingredients to create a surprising result – a pinch of turmeric, a dash of cloves, a sprig of saffron, and a handful of rose petals provide the inspiration for our signature “spice” colors, all beautifully layered as in the threads of this new collection. Masala Baby signature collection was created in 2009, and combines a modern, spirited, urban vibe with the essence and traditions of India, all blended together to form a perfect medley – a distinctive collection of infant and toddler clothing for ages 6 months to 4 years. The look is modern yet eclectic, stylish yet wearable, a little spice for your baby’s life.

Stella Cove

Do you remember that one favorite swimsuit you once had when you were little which made you stand a little taller and feel like the sun was shining especially for you. It fit just right and made all other swimsuits look like wallflowers/runners-up. Stella Cove is a whole collection of precisely that favorite. Stella cove has two collections running side by side at any one time. The current Stella cove signature line is retro collection wherein all prints are designed by and exclusive to Stella cove. Classical 40s prints were given a modern edge – old Hollywood stars propelled forward into 2010. The concurrent collection is “Pop” which runs rampant with colors and fun graphics that just make you want to smile.