Playtime New York – August 2013

playtime new york august 2013

Discover the latest and greatest kids fashion designers at Playtime New York at Wall Street, August 3-5, 2013. At Playtime New York I met unique kids designers from around the globe including the USA, UK, Mexico, Spain, Bolivia, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, France, Italy and more!

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Colorful Dizzy Dress at #playtimenewyork popular dress for girls to spin in reversible with a solid color on inside. Designed by Tricia Matoto-de santos from the Philippines.

Adorable carmelbaby&child spring summer 2014 at #playtimenewyork by Eva Karayiannis. A MUST see!

#ubercute colorful confetti shirt by mini & Maximus at #playtimenewyork spring summer 14 collection is a must see. Original artist designed clothes for kids

Fun snoozer sweatshirt by Mimi & Maximus at #playtimenewyork

Gorgeous flowers in the city inspired shirt by Suoak at #playtimenewyork NYC based designer Elly Geanna-Park creates contemporary eclectic kids clothes & draws inspiration from experience as a fashion designer in Tokyo & NYC. Spring summer 14 collection is a MUST see filled with gorgeous unique fabrics and trimmings! Original heirloom collections to pass down for generations.

How cute is this boys cloud shirt by dooboo at #playtimenewyork #boysclothes natural organic clothes by Sooyoun Shim from Korea

Adorable organic blue girls dress by Dooboo at #playtimenewyork inspired by traditional Korean skirt. Makes perfect sundress skirt blouse MUST See!

Meet the creators of Soft at #playtimenewyork. Creative director Jessica Ralli on right designs soft clothes for sensory sensitive kids

Meet Jimena Belen Leyria from Little Italy #kidsclothes at #playtimenewyork from Argentina. Adorable baby clothes with unique fabrics. A MUST SEE!

Meet Annemarie Waters from Poopsies at #playtimenewyork Unique onesie that helps prevent blowouts when diaper doesn't protect baby's skin and clothes. Clever idea to make life easier for parents. made with comfy fabric waterproof material on the inside.

Discovered ESP no. 1 cool kids clothes from LA at #playtimenewyork mini-me #kidsclothes for #boysclothes and #girlsclothes. Photo of Baha lightweight pullover poncho.

Cool dip dye jeans by Esp No. 1 at #playtimenewyork Love these number 1 jeans! A MUST see – also the Japanese knits and lightweight shirting from Portugal

Amazing new brand Frankie and Ava launched at #playtimenewyork by Natasha Lee Thomas past designer at Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan, and Levis here in the photo with Eva and Ava's Louisa who was a technical director at Ralph Lauren. MUST SEE! LA-based company mini-me collection

One of my favorite new brands at #playtimenewyork Frankie and Eva from LA with UK influence by designer Natasha Lee Thomas seen in the handknits and cool color schemes

Irresistible new brand little miss galia by Alia Charvel at #playtimenewyork #wow her designs are eye candy full of fun colors layers of gold fabric and bright colors. Designs from Monterrey Mexico. MUST see!!!

Little miss galia by Alia Charvel at #playtimenewyork How cute is this pink coat? Minimi style for girls from Monterrey Mexico #ubercute

I love this ny t-shirt and confetti skirt by little miss galia #playtimenewyork designer Alia Charvel made this especially for the show in NYC

Meet Ruth Waddingham of Zipit at #playtimenewyork winner of best new product at nyigf baby & child. Must see fuss-free baby wear

Meet Christine Chang designer of boy+girl at #playtimenewyork made in Los Angeles. a MUST see SS 14 collection original finishings and fabrics for #boysclothes #girlsclothes

Meet Cassie King & Leslie Lowe from Blabla at #playtimenewyork adorable handcrafted toys and room decor that kids will die for!

How cute are these life-size handmade dolls by blabla I discovered at #playtimenewyork perfect to snuggle up to in bed πŸ™‚ “>

Meet Patty Leung & Terence Lui of kidinc at #playtimenewyork launched original character cartoon based onesies & t-shirts for kids & adults from Hong Kong. MUST see!

Kidinc cool character tees from Hong Kong launched at #playtimenewyork Designers favorites – Bob Marley and Kate Moss COOL for babies kids adults

Meet designer duo Atsuyo Yang and Akiko Mukae at #playtimenewyork from Brooklyn based Atsuyo et Akiko. The combined interest in French and Japanese design. MUST see Spring-Summer 2014 collection!

Girls outfits by Atsuyo et Akiko at #playtimenewyork What little girl isn’t drooling over these outfits?!!!

Meet Marcel Leon of Mon Marcel #kidsclothes from Barcelona at #playtimeparis designed by Yolanda Leon. Adorable Spring Summer 2014 collection inspired by the Mediterranean and French Provence.

Oh la la Cacharel Paris #kidsclothes are coming to the USA. #playtimenewyork Meet Laura Morrocco (designer) & Sophie Reynaud (US country manager).

Yummy Cacharel Paris prints for spring summer 2014. To die for πŸ™‚ “>

Amazing new brand Velveteen by Laura Egloff based in Hong Kong at #playtimenewyork w/ husband Markus. Gorgeous holiday and spring summer 2014 #kidsclothes collection a MUST see!

Adorable new mini-me collection Sew Lati Couture by TJ Hamilton at #playtimenewyork boys suit with gorgeous detailing on pockets a must see!!

Adorable blue dress with gold detailing by Sew Lati at #playtimenewyork

Meet Rebecca Lazaroff from Belle and Beanzer at #playtimenewyork showing her versatile #babyclothes & accessories made to strengthen a bond between parent & child with easy-use, multi-functional design, inspiring artwork and 100% Pima cotton.

Meet Manasi Gangam from nested bean at #playtimenewyork introduces the zen swaddle with weighted parts that apply gentle pressure too mimic a parent's embrace & encourage sleep #babyblanket #babyclothes

Met Erin from Everbloom Studio at #playtimenewyork adorable handcrafted #kidsfashion #kidsaccessories check out this kitty baby girl dress!

Adorable #kidsfashion by Jammies – sister & brother team Meryl & Brian Levy at #playtimenewyork show. cute enough to eat #babyclothes in a jar!

Hey it's a dashin fashion media partner balloon at #playtimenewyork. How cool is that? Thanks Playtime, I love it !!! πŸ™‚

Welcome to #playtimenewyork right in the heart of Wall Street in lower Manhattan. What could be more NYC than a hot dog stand to greet you? #kidsfashion #kidsclothes #babyclothes