Playtime New York – March 2014

Discover what’s new at Playtime New York kids trade show where 120 designers exhibited Spring Summer 2014/15 children’s clothing, shoes, toys, accessories.

playtime new york wallstreet march 2014

The past few months have been full of fun travels for me…From January 25-28 I attended Playtime Paris and from March 8-10 I attended Playtime New York. At both shows I had lots of fun video interviewing designers on their Fall-Winter 2014/15 collections.

Playtime New York is located at Wall Street 23, in Manhattan’s Financial District, directly across from the historic Federal Hall built in 1700 as New York’s City Hall. Seeing that the weather was nice and my hotel was within walking distance, I got to enjoy my walk down lower Manhattan past New York’s current city hall park and Trinity church on the way to the show. One morning there was even a light dusting of snow which made my walk to the show even more exciting!

playtime paris wallstreet march 2014

One of my favorite thing about Playtime New York is that it’s a smaller show with 120 designers. This gave me the opportunity to spend more time interviewing designers and learn about how they started their brand. There was a great mix of baby and children’s clothing, accessories from decor to jewelry and eyewear, and toys in all different shapes and sizes.

playtime new york trends

Another wonderful part is that the exhibitors are truly international. I almost felt like I was uptown closer to the UN! I met designers from Spain, UK, Belgium, France, Portugal, Mexico, Canada, UK, Germany, Romania, Argentina, South Korea, Hong Kong, Austria, Italy, Denmark, Taiwan and the USA. This International exhibitor base is what differentiates Playtime from other kids fashion trade shows.

Playtime has three shows: Paris, Tokyo, and New York held twice annually for Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer collections. Some of the designers did the world Playtime tour and actually exhibited at all three shows! They must be really ready for a Spring vacation 🙂 !

playtime new york trends

The was my second time attending Playtime New York after the August 2013 show. For me, it was a pleasure meeting designers for the second time and to learn how their collections have developed. Plus, many of the designers I had the opportunity of meeting in January in Paris and again at Playtime New York. I love getting a chance to meet the amazing people behind each brand – to learn about how they started their brand and what inspires each season’s collection. I’m even more excited to share their stories with you in my video interviews at Playtime New York.

Stay tuned to DFTV to learn about the Fall/Winter 2014/5 collections launched at Playtime New York.