Playtime Paris – July 2013

Hello kids fashion enthusiasts!

I’m reporting live from Playtime Paris July 2013 which is becoming one of the most popular kids’ fashion trade show in Europe with over 400 exhibitors.

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Meet Hanna Clavegård at I dig denim from Sweden at #playtimeparis cool denim clothes for kids

Meet Jakob Wastberg From Shampoodle kids at #playtimeparis cool colorful Ss14 collection from Sweden a must see

Frou Frou girls clothes from Germany at #playtimeparis Ss14 collection lush colors tutu accents

Max and Lola kids clothes Belgium at #playtimeparis by Kaatje Sandra

Max & Lola gorgeous kids clothes by Kaatje Sandra at #playtimeparis SS14 collection.

New Generals from Denmark CUTE SS14 collection! A must see

New generals from Denmark at #playtimeparis amazing kids brand by Majbrit & Joen Weidemann über cool

Anive for the minors by designer Gabriella Lundblad ss14 at #playtimeparis Bysans print influenced by Turkey Constantinople dancing dress

Anive for the minors ink print ss14 collection at #playtimeparis organic cotton

Anive for the minors from Sweden at #playtimeparis Leopard print ss14 collection.

Indikidual kids clothes at #playtimeparis maracas jumpsuit in green. Hand drawn designer by Syreeta.

indikidual kids clothes from the uk. The jellyfish pants are hand drawn by Syreeta and are paired with the confetti sweater.

Tiny Universe adorable baby clothes from Sweden. Available year round Must See!

The Tiny Universe by designers Maria Nilsson and Johan Halldelius at #playtimeparis New for Ss14 velvet tiny white/tiny black, tiny ribbon tiny flower tiny square black and white dress.

Loud Apparel London by Serena Di Scalzo. #playtimeparis Photo of Serena’s son Zion with Gabs in black shirt.

Loud Apparel London at #playtimeparis show girls stripe Gada blouse in poplin cotton

Loud apparel London by Serena Di Scalzo at #playtimeparis Glad grey I scream sweater in cotton

Meet Serena Di Scalzo designer of Loud Apparel London at #playtimeparis show. SS14 collection – Greg sweater with leather back.

Ten kids’ Catherine Felstad & Gonneke Stroom at #playtimeparis show with Ss14 confetti dress

Ten kids clothes from Belgium at #playtimeparis show. Boys double-faced striped sweatshirt lavender grey and red stripe. Printed fish cotton voile shirt turquoise and red.

Meet the creator of Ten from Belgium at #playtimeparis show SS14 collection diamond jeux de cartes dress in vieux rose color must see!

Googoo&gaga octopus onesie at #playtimeparis show. Super graphic trend by artist AJ Dimaucot

Googoo&gaga jellyfish onesies at #playtimeparis show SS14 starfish trend. By artist AJ Dimarucot. Designed in past for Michael Jackson Alicia Keys & Nike onesies limited edition printed 1by1 sublimation printing #babyclothes”

Googoo&gaga SS14 collection at #playtimeparis show. inspired by the sea. art-driven onesies T-shirts from Philippines. Sublimation printing, non toxic inks. Must see!

Love this neon big knit sweater from Little Remix mix and match with SS14 collection

Little Remix from denmark at #playtimeparis mini-me collection of women’s remix. Über cool SS14 collection. Cool extra light weight grey jean jacket!

Meet Christina Rohde from Denmark at #PlaytimeParis. Pink liberty fabric short sleeve dress. Adorable!

La Loi leggings from the uk unisex leggings digitally printed by art director Kate Law.

Meet Kate Law designer of La Loi digitally printed unisex leggings. Amazing works of art! Designed printed manufactured in uk.

Nixie clothing ss14 silver glitter cotton pants gorgeous detailing!

Nixie clothing SS14 ocean sea collection produced and hand finished in uk. Girls reef dress in blue.

Meet Nixie Clothing designer Nicole Frobusch based in East London. SS14 Save our Ocean Collection. Puff trouser in silver cotton glitter. Jelly cape in grey.

Zolima at #playtimeparis show Save the Panda partnership with Pandas international.

Meet ZOLIMA designer Nicole andrianjaka de surville at #playtimeparis gorgeous Hong Kong based brand w Far East motifs. New collection Zolima care protects kids from mosquitoes! A must see…

House of Jamie at #playtimeparis named after designer Barbara Goika’s daughter Jamie. Bowtie bibs and binkie holders cute and tres chic!

Meet House of Jamie designer Barbara Gouka @ #playtimeparis with husband Wouter. Adorable Dutch accessories inside and outside the nursery – bibs and clothes w bowtie signature. Year round collection!

LIVLY baby collection is the “bread and butter” of the collection. Made in Peruvian cotton. Love the gorgeous 3d ribbon print!

LIVLY from Stockholm SS14 romantic nostalgic collection are treasures to be passed down from generation to generation. Prima cotton and poplin from premie to 8 years. Pure Swedish luxury!

Livily Stockholm SS14 collection #playtimeparis Livilys Hedvig Gustavson shows Jade blouse in pink w gold threading.

LIVLY #playtimeparis jade blouse with gold thread swedish romantic design prima poplin made in Peru.

LIVLY at #playtimeparis flower girl dress from Sweden royal family wedding created in collaboration with Royal Swedish theater now in sa14 collection.

Shihoshi at #playtimeparis neoclassical trench coats for mom and girl collection is mainly outerwear.

Shihoshi at #playtimeparis neoclassical dresses. Brand named after designer Juana’s daughter. Began in Japan now in palo alto, ca

Discovered Shihoshi at #playtimeparis by Jiana Kwon neoclassical style for moms & girls love this black dress made of special fabric only found in Japan.

Dooboo bean babies dolls #playtimeparis named after dooboo means tofu in Korean. Made from fabric leftovers. No waste & organic!

Dooboo #playtimeparis girls linen shirt with cloth organic cotton colorful buttons.

Dooboo #playtimeparis blouses & dresses inspired by traditional Korean skirt perfect sundress, dress, blouse all organic.

Dooboo #playtimeparis boys linen & organic cotton outfit coconut buttons

Meet Sooyoun Shim designer of dooboo from South Korea w daughter Dani Lee #playtimeparis adorable organic SS14 sky collection!

Meet Caroline & Caroline designers of little duck anti-uv swimwear at #playtimeparis from south of France s’argo sun suit for girls sea explorer suit for boys.

Moccis #playtimeparis daddy’s princess moccasins Worn by royal family Sweden princess Victorias baby Estelle.

Moccis by Anna Wetterlin at #playtimeparis hand sewn moccasins from Sweden leather soles double elastic ankle perfect gift. Pirate design inspired by Anna’s son!

Jumina #playtimeparis ss14 launches baby collection. Matching baby and girl 1920s style beach life outfit.

Jumina at #playtimeparis vintage air balloon inspired pattern from 1920s in ss14 collection

Jumina designer Elisabeth Rognmo at #playtimeparis 1920-40s inspired beach life 2 piece sailor outfit.

Jumina from Norway at #playtimeparis amazing ss14 collection and photos by designer Elisabeth Rognmo

Naomi Ito by Kyoko Enomoto at #playtimeparis famous textile designer from Japan exclusive to brand 2 piece outfit organic cotton.

Discovered designer Kyoto Enomoto from Japan at #playtimeparis. Kyoto designs 4 brands in natural style & organic fabrics. Naomi Ito, Bobo, Hoppetta, souleiado

Juggle Angels at #PlaytimeParis modular skirts with snap on fabrics that be changed 4 new look Very clever

Cool boot gaiter by Juggle Angels launched at #playtimeparis. Will be online in August for Winter & Summer in variety of fabrics.

Discovered Juggle Angels at #PlaytimeParis unique modular outfits by designers Christine-Aurore Magnee & Simona Ingravalle from Belgium amazing brand with innovative ideas!

Pilar Nueno Barcelona baby hand knit outfit. 100% cotton made in Barcelona with fabric collar.

Polar Nueno SS14 collection from Barcelona “queue for the zoo” boys shirt. Also same pattern for swimsuit and girls shirt.

Pilar Nueno from Barcelona SS14 kids collection choose style and fabric. Romantic liberty fabric.

Bouton SS14 riva top with satin bows and Leah skirt with Indian style bells at #playtimeparis tradeshow

Bouton Kids SS14 reversible jacket. Traditional Indian cotton modern styling by designer Rekha Iver Marchand

ZoZOI by designer Masayo Thevenon [email protected] #playtimeparis love the organic hammer rompas inspired by mc hammer

ZoZIO ss14 collection Japanese French kids fashion by designer Masayo Thevenon (in photo) showing her cosmic one-piece at #playtimeparis

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Ready for day 2 of #PlaytimeParis

A post shared by Dashin Fashion (@dashinfashionkids) on

Day two at Playtime Paris was quite busy! Today I met designers from Japan, Spain, Belgium, Norway, France, Sweden, UK, India and more….I’ll be posting photos on Instagram and twitter.”
The opening cocktail party was great…check out these colorful desserts! Ready for a full day of meeting designers tomorrow.

Congrats to Bang Bang Kid winner of deco award from Milk magazine at #PlaytimeParis

Sooo hot at in Paris for #PlaytimeParis. I’m missing my air conditioner
Forecast Sunday and Monday? 30 c…..uh oh.

Love the Starfish by Pascaline Rey Children’s Trend Space

Arrived at #PlatyimeParis for the cocktail party and registered for the show. Can’t believe how many great designers are exhibiting! Hope two days are enough to see all of the collections. Playtime is definitely the show to be at!