Playtime Paris Trade Show – July 2014

Playtime Paris was as exciting as ever, with over 400 kids and maternity brands from around the globe launching their Spring Summer 2015 collections. The weather was a bit rainy and cool for July in Paris, but that didn’t stop me!

meet the designer at playtime paris 2014

This season at Playtime I had the honor of having award-winning professional photographer Nancy Bundt joined me in my mission to continue Dashin Fashion’s “Meet The Designer” interview series. Together we met with kids fashion designers from around the globe, learning what inspired them to start their brand and what’s coming for Spring Summer 2015.

This time, at Playtime Paris I had the special opportunity to learn more about Playtime’s artistic environment, the Milk Magazine Awards, and what’s attracting larger brands to exhibit at Playtime Paris.

Interview with Marie Czapska, Playtime’s Art Director

marie playtime trends space

In Paris, I had the pleasure of interviewing Marie Czapska, the Artistic Director of Playtime Paris, New York & Tokyo. Marie explained Playtime’s unique environment, emphasizing the connection between art and fashion by creating Trend Spaces and Rest Areas that are original pieces of art. Marie gave me a special tour of the show from an artistic perspective highlighting unique elements behind each trend space and rest area, designed by established and up-and-coming artists. Coming soon to Dashin Fashion TV is my complete interview with Marie.

Interview with Isis-Colombe Combréas, Milk Magazine Director

Another highlight of Playtime Paris was meeting Milk Magazine Publication Director Isis-Colombe. She shared with me her inspiration to launch Milk Magazine and how the Milk Award is given each Summer at Playtime Paris. During the first day of the show, Milk Magazine team walks the show looking for the best in 5 categories: Fashion, Decoration, Must-have, Shoes and the Best Exhibit. At the end of the day, the Milk team walks the trade show floor and proudly presents the coveted Milk Magazine Award. My complete interview with Isis-Colombe is coming soon to Dashin Fashion TV.

Established Brands are Coming to Playtime Paris

stella mccartney kids booth playtime parisStella McCartney Kids Exhibits Spring Summer 2015 Collection at Playtime Paris

Another growing trend at Playtime this season is that more and more well-established brands are exhibiting at the show.

It was wonderful to see Stella McCartney Kids, Rachel Riley, Charabia Paris and more all exhibiting for the first time at Playtime Paris.

Rachel Riley Playtime Paris 2014Rachel Riley Exhibits Spring Summer 2015 Collection at Playtime Paris

From what I understand, the word on the kids’ fashion street is that Playtime Paris has grown to become a leading international trade show and well-established brands want to be a part of the Playtime Universe.

charabia paris booth playtime july 2014
Charabia Paris Exhibits Spring Summer 2015 Collection at Playtime Paris

No matter how large the show gets, with more well-established designers, exhibitors and visitors, Playtime Paris continues to keep its unique friendly and artistic environment that feels less like an industry trade show and more like what Playtime coins as a being “dedicated to the children’s Universe and maternity wear”.

More articles to come including video interviews from the Playtime Paris trade show.