Milk Designer Awards 2013 – Playtime Paris

At the Playtime Paris Trade Show that took place from July 6-8, 2013, Milk Magazine announced its 2013 Kids Fashion Design Awards in 4 categories: fashion, shoes, décor and editor’s favorites. I had the opportunity of meeting these designers in personal at Playtime Paris and seeing their wonderful collections first hand.

Who won the Milk Designer Awards 2013 at Playtime Paris?

Editor’s Favorite – Little Remix

Milk Award Winner Little Remix Denmark

Team MilK is not the only one who crush on the Little Remix collection! One of my favorite new finds at Playtime Paris for “über cool” girls is Little Remix by designer Charlotte Eskildsen from Copenhagen, Denmark. The Little Remix Spring Summer 2014 collection for girls ages 4-16 is more than ever a “mini-me collection” with a direct link to designer Charlotte Eskildsen’s Remix women’s collection. MilK noted that their printed leather skirt particularly caught the editor’s attention.

Fashion – Hucklebones London

hucklebones london fashion award

The UK brand Hucklebones London won the fashion award for their Spring/Summer 2014 that was noted for its design complexity – printed balloon, detail of golden collars, and large silky collars. Hucklebones London refined girls clothes creates beautiful clean, feminine and sophisticated clothing for girls aged 3 months – 10 years. To ensure each item has its own charming style, every garment is meticulously considered, with close attention to tailoring and the finer details.

Shoes – Judyallen

Judyallen Shoes Korea

MilK awarded the best shoe collection to Judyallen, a young Korean brand with offering gorgeous handmade footwear in special cuts and colors. Judyallen offers bright varnished leather, comfortable shapes, and natural materials. One pair that the particularly caught the MilK Team’s attention is the bi-color, purple and red painted shoe.

Décor – Bang Bang Kid

bang bang kids decor

Another exciting brand is the new brand Bang Bang Kid that creates furniture and home decor products. MilK recognized Bang Bang Kid for its originality and uniqueness of the products. (photo source: Milk Magazine).

I look forward to meeting the latest and greatest kids’ fashion designers at the next edition of Playtime Paris to take place from January 25-27th.