Playtime Paris – January 2010

Playtime Paris January 2010

The 7th edition of Playtime Paris, dedicated to the Universe of Children, Junior and Future Mothers, took place on January 30th to February 1st, 2010 at the Parc Floral de Paris.

Marked by the theme of monsters and eerie characters, over 250 exhibitors participated in Playtime Paris, mainly from France, central Europe, and some as far as Peru, Canada, the USA, Australia and Hong Kong.

Read on to discover the wide variety of brands that exhibited at Playtime Paris. Be sure to check out the 8th edition of Playtime Paris to take place on July 3-4, 2010!

Kids Brands Exhibiting at Playtime Paris

Bobo Choses – Spain

BOBO CHOSES presented its new 2010 spring-summer collection at Playtime Paris entitled “The Donkey and the Stars” featuring donkeys and shades of grey, doves and imperial blue, flies and vermilion…At BOBO CHOSES each season brings a new set of stories and new garments, manufactured with comfortable natural fabrics and a simple elegant cut. BOBO CHOSES has a new ACT SOCIAL project at their workshop-school in Dinaspur, Bangladesh, where women from rural areas are given the opportunity to learn a skill in the textile industry. Each garment bears a label with a code that can be tracked online at, enabling you to see where the product comes from and how your purchase contributes to the ACT SOCIAL project.

Emile et Ida – France

Emile et Ida offers girls a vintage style of refined romance and rock style with bright colors for boys. Inspired by US retro and rock and roll style, Emile et Ida’s Spring 2010 collection takes your back to the 1950s and 1960s. The Spring 2010 collection features a wide variety of styles from classics, to chic and casual outfits with a range of colors. The collection mixes elements of humor yet is subtle with an element of gray color tones.

Frilo Swissmade – Switzerland

Creating high-quality baby knitwear since 1927, Frilo Swissmade has been manufactured for over two generations in Huttwil, a town rich in tradition that lies in the heart of Switzerland. With two seasonal collections, Frilo Swissmade offers a comprehensive range of standard products with short delivery times making it ideal for the specialist shop that would like to complement its assortment at any time without storage risk. Precious natural fibers, such as 100% merino wool, or cotton, are processed from thread to finished product.

Je suis en CP – France

Je suis en CP, designed by CŽline Prost, offers playful and delicate fashions for children ages 0-6. Je suis en CP’s designs are creative and innovative yet simple and practical. Well-cut shapes and fun graphic details are drawn from a mix of prints that brings out the best in each fabric, such as Japanese quilted cotton. As for the designs, special care is taken that small elements, such as ribbons or buttons, are not placed near the child’s mouth or hand. All items are easy to wear, to take off and put back on. Je suis en CP uses soft and slightly elastic materials, so that child’s movement is not restricted.

Kite Kids – UK

Based in the beautiful outdoors of Poole in Dorset, UK, Kite Kids creates beautiful, cool and contemporary styled childrenswear made from planet-friendly fibers. Fit for the beach, mountain or sofa, Kite is the collection to be seen in. Made from certified organic cotton, bamboo or recycled polyester, Kite Kids clothes are not only super-comfy, they are produced without using any harmful chemicals – a big plus for the planet and the people involved in its production.

L’ASTICOT – Switzerland

The L’ASTICOT brand of ethical clothing and accessories was created by two designers Christie Mutuel and Danièle McClellan based in Geneva Switzerland. From their experience as young moms, Christie and Danièle understand the need to create practical and comfortable clothes, but also as playful, original, bold and offbeat as the little devils that wear them.

Munster kids – Australia

Originating in Australia and now spreading North, Munster kids keep the kids keen and us parents a little jealous! A lifestyle brand designed for girls and boys from 3 months to 12 years, Munsterkids’ garments are noted for nostalgic graphics, fine fabrics, and cool fits.

Poppy – UK

Poppy specializes in beautifully made children’s clothing, bedding, books and accessories. Their mission is to make clothing that will be passed down to younger brothers and sisters, friends and cousins for generations and generations! Poppy’s clothing and accessories feature the adventures of Poppy and her dog Fred, which are illustrated around the hem of the dresses. A little storybook comes with every outfit, allowing you to follow the adventures of your favorite characters.

Serendipity Organics – Denmark

Natural Wear Serendipity Organics is a Danish infant & children’s brand committed to using only the purest materials offered – certified 100% Organic Cotton, Wool & Silk. The design for babies, girls, and boys from 0 to 12 years is inspired by the play, nature, and clear lines, encouraging little and bigger ones to feel both comfortable and smart with a classic yet casual look. Serendipity’s Fall/Winter 2010/11 sets the stage for a bubbling winter season with bright & warm winter colors softened by violets and butterflies and clearcut styles.

TUSS – Sweden

Created in 2004 by designer Catti Åman in Stockholm, Sweden, tuss is a minimalistic children’s clothing label for 0-12 years. Tuss creates plainness, simple and functional clothing made with high-quality Italian fabrics and a sense of detail with no visible labels and logos. Colors range from white, beige, grey, dark navy to black and individual pieces can easily be put together, and worn independent of seasons.

yporqué – Spain

More than stimulating t-shirts, yporqué was conceived in 2006 as a whole new concept: the first t-shirts which mentally stimulate children through the imaginative use of sounds, textures, fluorescent images in the dark, and more. Over time, yporqué has moved on from being an up-market gift item to convert itself into a fully-fledged fashion label. For the AW’10 collection, this Spanish brand from Barcelona bets one more time for its stimulating t-shirts, interactive complements for children and baby clothes.

Zolima – Hong Kong

Zolima designed by Nicole Andrianjaka de Survillea who is originally from France, is a new brand of children’s clothing and accessories for ages 0-12. Though retro-chic, Zolima carries a joyful freshness. Colors are a subtle blend of acid and warm tones, prints are delicate & modern, materials are made from natural fibers, details are of quality, and lines are simple & precise for little ones’ comfort.