• Watch Video - Front Row Il Gufo Fashion Show

    Watch Video - Front Row Il Gufo Fashion Show

  • Watch Video - Front Row @ Monnalisa Fashion Show

    Watch Video - Front Row @ Monnalisa Fashion Show

  • Watch Video - Apartment Couture Fashion Show @ Pitti Bimbo

    Watch Video - Apartment Couture Fashion Show @ Pitti Bimbo

  • Balmain Launches Mini Me Kids Collection

    Balmain Launches Mini Me Kids Collection


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I love to travel the world and discover the best in kids fashion at international trade shows to luxury baby boutiques. Come & join me on my journey and I'll share my favorites. - Laura

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Kids Designer Clothes

At Dashin Fashion I travel around the globe to discover the best in kids clothing design from babies, kids and teens. The kids fashion industry has grown immensely in the past few years from leading men's and women's runway designers to independent kids fashion designers.

kids fashion trends dsquared2 kids dan and dean

Kids Fashion Trends

Each season children's fashion designers launch their unique collection that share a common theme for the season, be it specific fabrics, colors or mini-me women or mens fashion industry looks. At Dashin Fashion I love to write about kids style trends for boys, girls, teens and even babies.

shop kids clothes online

Shop Kids Clothes Online

Over the past years the online sales for kids clothing has grown offering kids fashion lovers around the globe the opportunity to buy unique designer collections online that aren't available in their local department stores and children boutiques. At Dashin Fashion I feature the best designer children boutiques that offer shipping worldwide.

kids clothing sale oilily boy

Designer Kids Shopping Tips

Who doesn't love to discover the best sales for children's clothing? At Dashin Fashion I love to share about end of season clearance sales, holiday offers, or special sale events for Dashin Fashion readers.

Laura Yatim Dashin Fashion Reporting at Trade Show

Kids Fashion Events

There's nothing better than reporting on a kids fashion event be it Paris, London, New York, Florence, Tokyo, Moscow or anywhere around the globe. At kids trade shows I interview kids fashion designers on how they started their brand, what inspired their current and upcoming collections.

Rachel Riley Kids Fashion Designer Playtime Paris

Meet Children's Fashion Designers

Did you ever wonder how your favorite designer decided to launch their brand? Our "Meet the Designer" video interview series shares what inspired them to design their first and current kids collections.

Best Boys Fashion

Best Boys fashion

I often hear from parents that it can be difficult to shop for boys clothing. Yes, there seems to be more designer children’s clothing for girls, but there are lots of wonderful brands who design specially for boys fashion. If I had a boy, here are my favorite brands that I would shop for my son.

Best Girls Fashion

Best Girls fashion

Discover the best in girls fashion from around the globe. You’ll be amazed by how many girls clothing designers there are to choose from. Shop special occasion and casual wear in a wide variety of styles. Here is a list of some of my favorite girls brands.

Best Baby Clothes

Best Baby Clothes

There’s nothing cuter than a little baby all dressed up in his or her finest! You’ll be amazed by all of the gorgeous baby clothes created by designers from around the globe. From mini me styles by Dolce & Gabbana to washable cashmere by Bonnie Baby and comfy formal looks by The Tiny Universe – discover some of my favorite baby clothes brands.