About Dashin Fashion Designer Kids Fashion Magazine

Hello and Welcome to Dashin Fashion – Global Children’s Clothing Magazine

I’ve had lots of emails asking me where I got the idea of creating Dashin Fashion.

My background in international marketing in the high-tech industry has allowed me to travel to many countries and also relocate my family to new continents.

When traveling I picked up a new “hobby” – shopping for unique designer children’s clothing for my two daughters. Once at home, people would ask me where they could buy a similar outfit. I’d explain, “I found this great children’s clothing designer in a local kids boutique store when I was abroad” and “It’s too bad they aren’t sold locally.”

This all changed with the Web… Today we are exposed to what I call “boutique beyond borders.” We can buy international designer kids clothes through wonderful e-commerce sites located on different continents.

But it’s not so easy to find all of these international kids clothing designers and children’s clothing e-commerce sites. This is where my idea for an Online Magazine featuring Designer Children’s Clothing from around the Globe began.

Boutique Beyond Borders
Dashin Fashion brings you “boutique beyond borders” by introducing you to kids fashion designers worldwide and showing you where to shop for their collections at online children’s clothing boutiques. My mission is to eliminate your “dashing” from site to site by connecting you with perfect boutique kids eTailers.

Dashin Fashion TV (DFTV)
My newest passion is creating video interviews with kids fashion designers where I learn what motivated them to start their own children’s brand. I’ve been traveling to kids trade shows in Europe and the USA to learn about upcoming kids collections and what inspired their design. Look for more to come on DFTV including kids fashion trends, shopping sprees, mini-me fashion and more.

Online Boutique Kids Fashion Community
With your input, we are constantly updating our site with new Global Children’s Fashion Designers, Boutique Kids eTailers, Celebrity Mom Picks, Kids Fashion News, Events and more.

As a community, Dashin Fashion is active on social networks Instagram, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Linkedin where you can contribute to special offerings, news and just plain chat about designer kids fashion.

Hope you enjoy visiting Dashin Fashion and return often!

Laura Yatim
Founder of Dashin Fashion