Lazy Francis Interview: Giirls Fall Winter Collection 2014

One of my favorite new girl’s brands is Lazy Francis, a luxury brand offering elegant and unique dress clothes and accessories for girls ages 2-15 years old.

Lazy Francis was founded in March 2013 by two friends, Olga Kruze & Alina Sakhterova, both originally from Riga who studied together in London. Together they came up with the idea for a luxury girl’s brand using the finest fabrics that are mummy-friendly and 100% European-made.

We firmly believe that kids are individuals with their own personalities from the moment they are born, so having their own style that encompasses the best from both children’s and adult’s fashion is just a part of that individuality.

At Playtime Paris I was introduced to the Lazy Francis brand and then did a follow-up interview with co-founder Alina Sakhterova.

Interview with Lazy Francis Designer Alina Sakhterova

“We wanted to do something really special, unique and different. Something that kids can wear when they go out, and stand out from the crowd on the street or at a party. Where they can be themselves and not follow everyone else.

The designs in themselves are very elegant. Some critics may say they are for grown-ups, but we believe that’s what makes our designs so different from others.

lazy francis girls dress italian fabrics

Lazy Francis Girls White & Gold Party Dress

Most of the styles we’d be very happy wearing ourselves. We get a lot of questions from mommies, “Why don’t you make that in my size?”

For our Fall Winter 2014 collection, we decided to use amazing quality Italian Jacquard fabrics, and sparkly winter coats with some gold elegance mixed in.

Lazy Francis Fashion Show In Dusseldorf

The Little Show in Dusseldorf was a really big success for us. When the first girls came out the audience sighed in amazement. It was nice to hear that sigh of surprise and to understand that although we are different from that market, Germany still appreciates our style and design although it is very unusual for them.

This skirt and top outfit, for example, is made from high-quality Italian jacquard and it’s two-sided so it can be made either in colored hearts and a gold background, or the other way around.

lazy francis girls fashion show

The blue sparkling coat is part of our fireworks trend at Playtime Paris. It looks for outbursts of color where tones explode, project, and multiply in the light that reflects.

The golden dress with the black tulle was a big hit for Fall / Winter 2014 sales. The girl that you see on the catwalk is fantastic. She was smiling and happy to be wearing this dress.

The next outfit includes a tail that is made of tulle and it stands by itself in layers and layers of tulle. It can be worn over any trouser or skirt to add that extra wow factor to a party or as a flower girl at a wedding.

Lazy Francis Girls White Tulle Skirt

Lazy Francis Girls White Tulle Skirt

All Lazy Francis accessories are made by hand. In the Autumn/Winter collection, for example, you can see the boots and hat on the girl with the white jacquard dress. They are all handmade by a specialist.

Lazy Francis Setting Trends at Kids Trade Shows

At Playtime Paris has chosen our Straight Gold Jacquard Dress for their Devine Light Trend. The Grey and Blue Dress has been chosen by The Little Gallery for their Future Folk Trend. At Playtime Paris Vogue Bambini has chosen one of our blouses for their style pages.”

Lazy Francis has offices in both London and Riga and opened their flagship boutique at Miera st. 19, Riga.

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