3 Pommes

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3 Pommes kids clothes was born in Normandy, in the middle of the apple trees, about 30 years ago. 3 Pommes kids clothes is all about fashion, fun and a huge wink! 3 Pommes is natural, fun, easy to wear and yet so different from the others making it very popular around the globe. 3 Pommes targets babies and children alike and uses original cuts and materials, like imitation fur for winter or overlays and transparencies for the Summer. 3 Pommes is produced with broad pallet of colors and fabrics, with original prints.

Fashion, the game world, the wink. 3 Pommes is natural, playful, easy to carry, yet so different.This adorable kids brand has a rich history and know how that has lasted over 40 years! With cuts and original material, 3 Pommes speaks to both baby and child.”

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3 Pommes is inspired by rock and pop movements. The color palette is intense: electric blue, red, plum, fuchsia or orange. Side textures and materials 3 Pommes include fake fur, jersey, fleece, velvet, poplin or laminated. The subtle mix of printed materials creates the originality and variety of this new collection. You’ll find plaid shirts, ruffled skirts, denim, floral prints, and stripes.

3 Pommes dresses children from their first smile to first escapades alone with their first step. You’ll find a huge range of colors and materials including trendy cuts and original prints. The brand motto – maximum creativity, minimum price remains true over 40 years.

You’re sure to find the perfect outfit for your little baby, boy and girl at 3 Pommes with their colorful and sporty collection that for over 40 years, seasons after season dresses children’s in stylish Parisian fashion that never disappoints from the strong color schemes each season to the original signature prints that are always a big hit with kids around the globe.