Alex and Charli

Created by mothers Romelie & Caterinain Perth Western Australia

Alex and Charli children’s clothes were created by Caterina and Romelie, two mothers based in Perth Western Australia who love fashion and family. The brand Alex and Charli is named after Caterina’s daughter Alexandra and Romelie’s daughter Charli.

Alex and Charli’s brand ethos stands for excellent quality, affordability, and longevity. The timeless simplicity of design is based on the designers motive to “encourage children to be children as long as possible in our fast-paced world”.

We adore our children and they inspire us every day in so many different ways. our inspiration comes from the love we have for our children and the exciting ideas we get from seeing our children playing, sleeping, eating and laughing. We translate this inspiration into a collection that is new and fashionable. We want to create high-quality fashion that feels great, is comfortable, and encourages individuality and fun. our vision is to create chic and fresh children’s fashion and accessories to make all children stand out and feel great!

Alex and Charli Kids Clothes Australia

Alex and Charli uses high-quality fabrics with beautiful prints and vibrant colors, meticulous attention to details, and classic embellishments. You’ll find embroidered designs, fabulous gingham for both boys and girls and the pretty combination of lace and voile.

Alex and Charli’s Romelie Grayson

alex and charli designer Romelie GraysonRomelie Grayson, owner and principal designer of Alex and Charli inspiration is her three young girls.

Her genuine artist eye sees the beauty and practical use of fabrics in her design.

Each new collection brings something new and playful while keeping the true essence of alex and charli.

Because of this, parents who bought an Alex and Charli item keep coming back to buy more each coming collection.