AllSaints Kids

Mini Me Collection by London based AllSaints Spitalfields

AllSaints Kids is a mini me collection of London based AllSaints Spitalfields. Known for its unique brand of sharp edge, directional clothing, the brand offers a complete collection of menswear and womenswear offering printed tees and jersey, denim, casual wear, tailoring and accessories.

“AllSaints collections mix Culture, Fashion and Music into a potent formula of desirable clothing that expresses individuality.”

Soon to follow was the AllSaints Kids collection that stays true to the unique sharp look of the men’s and women’s collection. For girls forget about your typical frilly pinks! The AllSaint girl wears sophisticated, modern dresses and tunics in subdued colors – grey, taupe and black.

allsaints boys clothes

The AllSaint boy can be found wearing straight legged pants and checked red shirts with a cool black leather jacket. And to top the cutting edge look, AllSaint Kids in the winter wear black urban combat style leather boots that are stylishly matched with skinny jeans or a black bubble skirt for girls. For Summer AllSaint Kids brings brighter creme and taupe colors with canvas high-top shoes, matched again with dresses and leggings for girls and cool jeans for boys.

AllSaints Spitalfield Kids definitely has a unique outlook on kids fashion offering a modern take on girls and boys clothing. It looks like for the moment the kids collection has been put on hold this season so for all of us who are excited by AllSaints’ fresh outlook on kids fashion we’ll have to wait until a the kids collection has been relaunched. Which gives us an excuse to buy AllSaints for ourselves!

Be sure to check out the AllSaints youtube channel where you’ll find up and coming musicians performing at basement sessions. You’ll also find videos featuring women’s and men’s collection including the production process.

AllSaints brand continually pushes the boundaries of the fashion world to stay current and globally trendy. Recognizing future fashion pioneers, AllSaints Spitalfields offers a scholarship for international fashion marketing.