Anita G

Stylish & Comfortable Clothes Designed by Anita Goodall

The Anita G. girls brand was founded back in 1988 by Anita Goodall with the concept of creating reasonably priced quality garments for the children’s wear market.

Anita’s philosophy is to provide quality garments, simple in style, comfortable for kids to wear, and easy for moms to take care of. Anita G. clothes are easy to spot out in a crowd with their unique prints in bright and fun colors.

A few years later in 1995 Anita branched out from girls clothing into swimwear that features the same exclusive bright and colorful prints used in the Anita G. Girlfriends line.

As her customers grew older Anita decided in 1999 to expand her product offering to include a new swimwear line for the older girl called 405 South. In 2008, Antia G. changed the lines so that Girlfriends is a clothing line and 405 South a swimwear line.

Our mission statement continues to be to provide the best product, which is simple in style and comfortable for girls to wear, at a reasonable price. It is a product that parents will be happy to have their girls wear.

You’ll find Anita G. collection at department stores including Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom, numerous children’s boutiques, and children’s catalog companies across the United States.

Perfect for cruise and vacation wear, the lines are carried in upscale resorts in Hawaii and the Caribbean.

What’s unique about the Anita G brands is that “upscale shopper can appreciate the value of our simple styles and exclusive unique patterns in clothes that girls love to wear over and over again.”

Out of her love for kids, Anita Goodall donates a portion of proceeds to a number of charities which help children including: Feed the Children, Children’s Hunger Fund, The Armenian Relief and Development Association (ARDA), Samaritan’s Purse, The Step by Step Foundation and orphanages in Mexico, Europe and the US.