Antik Batik

Exotic Hand Embroidered Clothes by Gabrielle Cortese

Antik Batik kids clothes from France, created by designer and globetrotter Gabriella Cortese, is based on a new concept: promoting a little exoticism and authenticity by means of designs made entirely by hand. Inspired by her daughter Nicola, in 2001 Gabriella created the Antik Batik kids collection – a harmonious melting-pot where you’ll find African prints, Hindu influences, ethnic details and even fine embroidery all mixed and matched together.

The Antik Batik Kids Collection lets girls show their true free spirit. This season for girls you’ll find peach pastel colors, the perfect symbol of Spring, including dresses, sweaters, and skirts. The look stands true to the Antik Batik ethnic look’s include of African prints, Hindu influences, and other ethnic details. Many pieces in the collection have ethnic hand sewn patters on the front of shirts and dresses, making each item a work of art, unique to your little girl’s wardrobe.

Antik Batik Girls Clothes Paris France

Antik Batik Designer Gabriella Cortese

Gabriella has the travel bug and spirit deep within her soul. Born in Italy and a Parisian by adoption, Gabriella is well-traveled from Tibet to Bali to India and more where she traveled as a young art student. While visiting these exotic countries Gabriella became interested in ancient textile techniques from batik to embroidery and bandhani. “Taking the word batik, Gabriella added Antik, for the rhyme, and because it sounded good in all languages.”

Antik Batik Designer Gabriella Cortese

“A traveler nostalgic for the times of cabin trunks, Gabriella invites us to go back in time with pictorial references from the beginning of the 20th century. From Art Nouveau, she borrows its decorative extravagance. Lustrous decorations, stylized floral patterns and geometric prints inspired by the Russian avant-garde fill her creations with history. I want to create the fashion of a voyager who plunges into the past and rediscovers treasures in an old trunk, pieces that evoke childhood memories and the parties of the Roaring Twenties.” – Gabriella Cortese.

Don’t miss the popular Antik Batik Women’s collection known worldwide for its savoir-faire from handmade embroidery, batik printing with its 1000 year history, and Bandhani ancestral technique of dyeing – a type of “tie-dye”. Join Gabriella on her “Journey to the heart of a brand”.