B Nature Recycled Packaging

We are all jumping on the environmentally friendly bandwagon. Recycling is a popular ticket to board.

Along with companies manufacturing products using natural and organic materials, recycling may be more important when becoming an earth-friendly business. Thankfully, many corporations have taken action on this notion with their packaging. It’s not just what’s on the inside that counts anymore.

By using recycled paper products, you can reduce the earth’s air pollution by approximately 73% according to recyclingguide.org. However, when using post-consumer products, pay attention to the percentage of the product that is recycled.

According to thegreenguide.com, look for products that have a high Post Consumer Waste (PCW) content. This refers to the amount of pulp taken from paper previously used by consumers to then be recycled. The avoidance will help spare trees and the environment.

When you buy recycled products, you communicate to the manufacturer that they should continue to meet the demand of producing these environmentally friendly goods.

Today, consumers are constantly on the lookout for more eco-loving products. By investing in goods that are packaged in recycled materials, we can reduce excessive carcinogens and chemicals that would otherwise be produced from raw materials.

It is also important to invest in products that are Processed Chlorine Free (PCF). This means that no extra chlorine associated chemicals are used to help bleach recycled goods.

The best thing about committing yourself to recycling today is that it can actually be fun, rather than just a social obligation. With so many green products to choose from, you forget you are doing the world a favor.

B nature, an organic children’s clothing line, assures their customers that their packaging is 100% recycled. In addition, no or low-impact dyes, fair labor practices, and organic cotton is a must for this green team company.

by Jessica Braman for B nature.