Buisjes en Beugels BB+++

Buisjes en Beugels BB+++ is a dutch kids designer label founded in 2005 by the need of sophisticated and authentic clothes for kids and especially the young men. Product designer and artist Kellie Smits designs the seasonable limited & basic collections inspired by the functionality of kids clothes and avant-garde fashion.

“I try to find Fashion, Design & Paraphernalia for Family Life!” – Kellie Smits

Kellie’s kids fashion collection were a great success. Her second collection won the Kèk Trend Awards in 2006. After three years Buisjes en Beugels BB+++ collections could be found in 45 countries worldwide.

In 2007, Kellie launched the Buisjes En Beugels +++ webshop and started to add unique and personal labels “guest labels” and the webshop became more and more successful.

Originally a product designer, Kellie desired to design products next to her fashion line. In 2009 she designed INSEKT desk. In 2011 it was ready to be launched on the international market. In 2013 it became the IMM Interior Innovation Award Winner!