Camper Kids

Camper Girls Shoes from Spain

Children’s Shoes from Spain Since 1877

Camper continuously produces creative and innovative designs that offer a unique approach to casual shoes, always with a touch of humor and innovative designs. Since 1877, for more than a century and four generations the Flux family have pioneers in the shoemaking industry. Camper Shoes is the living history of a family business and a great family of collaborators who, have dedicated their work to the shoe industry. In 1975, Lorenzo Flux created Camper, which today has become a major player in the footwear industry.

Back in 1975 the first model sold by Camper was the Camaleón – a concept pioneered the “casual” approach in Spain, which led to creativity that eventually consolidated the brand. Then in 1981 the Runner shoe was a launched – the first “before & after” sport shoe. The Runner shoe is an urban shoe par excellence, combining urban aesthetics with the comfort of a functional sports shoe. Then came the Old Bachelor a year later, that revolutionized the classic “shoe with laces” by giving it a rubber sole. In the middle of the 1980’s Camper launched two models. For modern youths Palmera/Spiral was launched in 1983 and for Urbanites Kenboot offered a “warlike” uniform in 1984. TWS was launched in 1988, with their asymmetric, yet complementary pairing, a truly unique concept.

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In 1990 the Industrial show made its debut with a shell manufacturing which was a forerunner to today’s trends. 1992 brought the Brothers shoe – versatile, loyal and multicultural, they challenged Europe as this was the year Camper moved across the boarders of Spain into the rest of the continent. The Terra shoe was launched in 1993 that is a rural shoe illustrating the origins of Camper once again. Then came the introduction of Mix with its futuristic design – a hybrid shoe depicting urban living completely.

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