Christina Rohde Kids

Scandinavian Designed Children’s Fashion SHOP

Christina Rohde children’s clothing was created in 1991 by Scandinavian kids fashion designer Christina Rohde.

Christina had designed womenswear for a decade, but her love of colorful patterns, quirky details, and well-thought styles soon led her to the world of children’s wear design.

One of the main features and a key element in Christina’s design is her way with thoroughly chosen color schemes, qualities, and patterns, including fabrics from the famous Liberty.

Christina Rohde Spring Summer Girls Clothes

Christina’s ability to mix colors and patterns in a wonderful way now brightens up so many children’s wardrobes across the globe from Tokyo to Berlin.

Christina Rohde Spring Summer Collection

When a new season approaches, I’m always thrilled to see all the new colors and prints and patterns when visiting the fair in Paris. Especially Liberty is one of the suppliers I mostly look forward to paying a visit and I always return to Copenhagen full of ideas, inspirations and new styles in mind.

Christina Rohde Girls Swimwear

Christina’s collections are usually based on 3-4 small color palettes – each with a leading pattern or quality as the main inspiration.

“This season one of my favorite fabrics are the rose-colored thick soft jersey. It inspired me to make the collection a little bit more athletic, casual and comfortable. A collection that I’m very happy to bring forward to all my small customers.”

Photo credit: Sus Resenqvist