Dandy Star

Dandy Star kids is all about vibrant Tropicana… glorious colors, vintage look, lots of glam and true Americana. The essence of Dandy is a glam sparkle, glitter and fluoro highlights for those that love of dress up.

Dandy Star has developed a soft cotton reminiscent of the t-shirts that are a favorite that kids never want to take off. Dandy Star clothes are made with especially comfortable fabrics from natural cotton, warm jersey and soft wools perfect to wrap-up in for warmth or t-shirts to wear on the beach in the summer.

Dandy Star Girls Clothes

The essence of Dandy is a vamp glam sparkle, glitter and fluoro highs, for the love of dressing up. With our love for color, vintage, glam and Americana, we choose vibrantly, yet subtle palettes, coupled with bold, optimistic design to favor both boys and girls. – Dandy Star.

Dandy Star Girls Tshirts

My favorite items in the collection are the Love Glitter T-shirt and the Star Sweatshirt. The Love Glitter cool red t-shirt has a fluoro high love and blue glitter dandy glam made of fine, soft cotton for 1-12 years and teen size for older kids. The Star Sweatshirt is a mid-weight, warm jersey sweatshirt that is duck down soft on the inside for keeping warm on cool Spring/Summer nights at the Beach or in the wild.

Dandy Star Childrens Clothes

Beyond kids clothes, the House of Dandy offers a range of accompanying homeware and artwork, made with similar ethos and intent, to dress your home in our bright colors.

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