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Dolce & Gabbana Kids follows the ethos of Dolce & Gabbana embodying youth and fun with the styles of its clothes. Oozing Sicilian style with their irresistible mixture of fierce animal prints, brocades and laces, Dolce & Gabbana’s flirty style is not just apparent in their clothing, but extends to their whole way of life, their fashion salon draped in leopard and zebra prints, the walls covered in photographs of the rich and famous. Characterized by the profound Italian DNA, the Junior Collection features tailoring tradition and aesthetic heritage with sublime new expressions that embody the dream and values of the brand while representing its style. For girls, you’ll find lace, crochet, tweed, polka dots and animal prints. For boys, you’ll find three-piece suits, bow ties, velvet jackets, and silk scarfs.

Dolce & Gabbana Junior - Celebrity Kids Style

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Season after season this luxurious Italian Fashion House creates the most gorgeous collection for baby, girls, and boys that are directly taken from the Men and Women’s Runway Show at Milan Fashion Week. This famous brand takes pride in dressing the entire family from baby to grandma under the hashtag #DGFAMILY.

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Dolce & Gabbana was created by the design duo Domenico Dolce from Sicily and Stefano from Milan. Dolce’s dream was to work for Armani (which was never fulfilled). They soon joined forces and their first collection called Real Womendue in part to the use of amateur local women on the runway), was shown in October 1985. Since then the Dolce & Gabbana brand has become a worldwide success and in 2001 they launched the D&G Kids line for children.

One of my favorite things about the collection is that many of their pieces for Girls and Boys are an exact copy of the Women’s and Men’s collections featured on the runway at the Milan Fashion Week. You can’t get much closer than that to a perfect Mini-Me collection. Many of these mommies and me outfits are featured on the red carpet at high profile, celebrity events.

Season after season, you’ll find a wide variety of trends of baby, boys, and girls that are the perfect pint-size version of the men and women’s collection.