Frocks London

Frocks London girls dress designs a wonderful range of high-end girl’s dresses for ages 3 – 10 years old, focused on creativity, comfort and fit. The collection incorporates innovative designs in the finest natural materials; each piece created with precision and careful attention to detail on both the inside and outside of every garment.

Summer brings a beautiful storm of hues with “Colors that speak the language of the people”. Throughout Asia color represents something special within the psyche of all societies bearing with it symbolic and emotive meanings. Happiness, calm, joy, innocence are reaffirmed through rich vibrant silks leading into the soft watercolor prints blending the rich palettes into new levels of harmony. A collection of dresses celebrating and paying tribute to the simplistic joy of a child’s innocence.

frocks london girls dresses uk

The Chinoiserie collection introduces exquisite hand-painted prints inspired by ancient porcelain in blue and white creating a winning combination. The word qing-hua, which literally means Blue Flowers is reflected in Charlotte. Age of Innocence, a key trend for the season expresses the dreamier side of the Frocks London collection. A confetti of shimmering color in pale green, lilac, pink, taupe and ivory demurely embroidered in a simple dot pattern. Watercolour Florals lends its heart to the swirling abstract floral digital print creating a dramatic effect in the sweet bubble dress Flora. The clouds of color are highlighted by handmade rosettes and swirls encircling the bodice and skirt.

frocks london girls dresses

It is my pleasure to introduce to you our new collection Frocks London. The collection is an amalgamation of the journey and the influences we have absorbed, from our traditional English roots to subsequent extensive travels throughout Asia. Ancient Chinese embroideries and porcelain, vibrancy and colors of India and artisan print techniques of Malaysia, Frocks London incorporates them all and brings you an exceptionally unique range of dresses to fulfil every girls dream.

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