FROU FROU clothes, carefully designed and manufactured in the Cologne-based studio, are “a unique and an eccentric sidestep to the inherent beauty of young pristine beings.”

Perfect for mix and match, the styles inspire children to go on a playful everyday journey. You’ll find unique dresses in lush colors and pictorial fabrics.

Frou Frou fabrics and trimmings are of high quality, and organics are used when possible. Experts in creating pictorial tutus, they dye and bleach knits and fabrics, recycle jeans and screen print tights.

For Summer 2014 FROU FROU uses lush colors like an extraordinary sulfur-yellow in contrast with a blue jewel accent. You will also find styles in gentle pink, a playful allover print in pastels and signature vests and jackets in deep olive and intensive pink.

We reinterpret the color gradient of our tutus in pink shades or nudes. Again we play with accessories like coronets, our screen printed tights, scarf, and necklaces. Quite punk and particular are our jeans styles out of bleached or recycled denim. FROU FROU offers wonderful unique everyday shirts, skirts, and jackets as well as dresses for special occasions…come and see what is a pleasure for every girl.

frou frou girls clothes germany

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