Gigi & Co

If you love gingham fabric as much as I do then you’re in luck! Introducing Gigi & CO designed by Gini Godwin, an all Gingham Childrenʼs Wear Line made of 100% cotton in Britain.

Gingham is back. Bridgette Bardot wore it in 1959 at her wedding, Elizabeth Taylorʼs iconic yellow gingham shirt and who can forget Kate Mossʼs gingham hot pants leaning against that car? And now Prada are bringing it back to the forefront of fashion with their AW13 collection and gigi & co is here to make sure the kids donʼt get left out. – Gini Godwin.

gigi and co girls clothes

Gigi & co is homegrown, every piece in the collection is designed and crafted in Britain. Gini has traveled to the corners of Britain meeting small production houses with high-quality work and passion for production. Today she works collaboratively with a small production house in London who made bridesmaidʼs dresses for the Royal Wedding in 2011.

gigi and co kids clothes

The whole Gigi & Co collection is designed, sourced, made, loved and brought to you in the hope that you and your little ones will enjoy.

gigi and co girls gingham clothes

Taking inspiration from the carefree spirit of my own childhood, each gigi & co design features playful little touches that draw on memories of rock pool fishing by the Cornish sea at Fort Picklecombe, my mum’s garden-grown rhubarb crumble and strawberry jam,and bike riding through the fields behind the house where I grew up, dressed in my favorite denim shorts and cowgirl shirt. – Gini Godwin.