GYMP is a Belgian kids clothing brand that offers a total look collection from newborn up to young teenagers. The premie’s collection brings honeyed outfits for toddlers in baby-soft fabrics and colors, comfortable and easy to wear for the babies, easy to maintain for the parents, affordable to give as a present.

Babies who can sit upright on their own yet are dressed trendier with the baby collection. Little girls steal the scene with lovely dresses with bows and fringes or fashionable tunics or tops on funky pants or leggings with always some original details.

The little boys do not stand for any nonsense in their jeans pants with real shirt and T-shirt with tough print. Children can find in the kids’ collection outfits for any occasion.

Whether at home, at school, at the playground or at a party, their communion, for instance, they are always well dressed with GYMP. Durable quality and beautiful materials ensure enhanced wearing comfort and are plain classy at the same time.

As the colors can be easily combined, a multitude of silhouettes can be composed on the basis of this GYMP collection, ranging from casual and trendy to timeless and formal.

gymp childrens clothes belgium

You’re going to love the cool and fun Gymp style that looks uber-cool and comfy at the same time. I love the way each collection can be mixed and matched – even between the boys and girls lines.

So when you buy Gymp clothing you can pass them down to each sibling in the family, and even from generation to generation. You can’t really go wrong, it’s a perfect collection for babies up to teens for both casual and formal clothing.