Lelli Kelly

Lelli Kelly Fun Italian Girls Shoes

Lelli Kelly is a fashion-forward European shoe company for little girls. With vibrant colors, ornaments and unique designs, each shoe style is design patented to ensure unique styling Lelli Kelly was developed and designed in Italy over 12 years ago by a husband and wife team.

The Lelli Kelly lifestyle brand has become a 42 million dollar little girls brand. Exclusive patterned designs focused on allowing little girls to look and feel like little girls the brand has become the upper-end alternative to Barbie in all parts of Europe.

Launched in 1992 in Italy, Lelli Kelly’s brand ethos is to put the fun and funky back onto little girl’s feet. What little girl wouldn’t want to wear these oh so pretty shoes? The only problem, she’ll have a hard time choosing which shoes she wants from the gorgeous sparkly collections.

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For Spring the Lelli Kelly collection includes canvas shoes and baseball boots which are full of hand sewn beautiful beads and sequined flowers. Another cool design feature is that you can easily remove the special insole for machine washing. How’s that for practical design?

For Summer, Lelli Kelly girls can wear gorgeous and comfy Summer sandals that are super stylish, featuring adjustable straps decorated with beads, showing their true attention to detail.

For Back to School you’ll find a new collection that’s perfect for little students. Lelli Kelly has taken the ‘most boring’ need for a shoe and turned it into an exciting offering. Now your little girl can wear her Lelli Kelly shoes all day, every day, even at school! For the Fall season, you’ll also find canvas shoes and sneakers in darker shades.

Lelli Kelly has shown a good understanding of what a parent wants from a pair of shoes as they bring shoes out when the season’s change and autumn/winter is no exception. They understand that every little girl loves to shine and sparkle no matter what time of year it is.

lelli kelly girls shoes

And let’s not forget Party shoes…This is where Lelli Kelly shines, literally! The perfect dream shoes, they’re sparkly and shiny, come with interchangeable straps and most importantly a kitten heel for little fashionistas!

For Winter, girls will be ever so stylish in their exciting winter boots by finishing the boots off with a kitten heel.