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Congratulations goes to Lesy Girls clothes on their 50th year anniversary! Since 1964 Lesy girls clothes has been producing its clothing line for kids following the rule of a rigorously handcrafted and 100% made in Italy. In the heart of Florence, the Maison Lesy (Lesy Fashion House) has been creating the finest charms for little girls all over the world from age 2 to 16.

Lesy has a brand ethos of creativity, selecting high-quality garments and accessories and transforming them into high profile collections with a classy aesthetic concept. Special attention is paid to the quality of materials, the attention to detail and to elegant accessories. This explains how Lesy over the year has been recognized as a glamorous, one of a kind brand, with a worldwide appeal, mixing flawlessly elements of classical and traditional style with exclusive and contemporary design solutions.

Lesy Girls - Celebrity Kids Style

With every Lesy garment, colored dreams and precious embroideries are weaved by the hands of skilled craftswomen. Every little dress is entirely made in Italy. They are handmade & packaged by hand, and then shipped to make the most beautiful girls in the world happy.

Skillfull artisans weave together colorful dreams and precious embroidery. Our passion and love for our work drive us to research and select the best designs. Our clothes, entirely Made and packed in Italy are sent all over the world to make girls happy!

Lesy is the perfect choice for special occasion dresses. As the winter weather starts to turn, the ceremony season picks up. Just in time for the upcoming festivities, the brand unveiled an extra-girly collection of exquisite girl’s dresses

For Summer, this luxurious collection is filled with floral motifs, flounced dresses, ruffled pieces and blooming motifs for some of the best girl’s dresses online. Fit for a princess, this gorgeous girls dress collection is a favorite choice for special occasions including wedding and red carpet events for girls from baby to teens.

Lesy Luxury Spring Summer 2019 Collection Video