Designer kids clothing brand Marese kids clothes is fun and playful, with bright and bold colors, simply irresistible. Great boutique kids fashion from France for boys and girls. Marese kids clothes are a symbol of high-end designer fashion for babies, boys, and girls. True French couture pour les enfants.

Marese has a long history in the kids’ fashion industry. Created by the Marèse Grenoble family, who as a business puts children’s growth and well being at the heart of its concerns.

Marèse was created in 1943 but started to take off in 1969 when the brand was acquired by Marie-Claude and Francis Doolaeghe.

Marie-Claude’s styling skills quickly became popular with the use of gorgeous vivid colors perfect for children’s fashion. This new color scheme and playful style completely revolutionized traditional children’s fashion where girls wear pink and boys wear blue. This allowed Marese to become a popular brand in the children’s clothing market.

In 2002, Francis and Marie-Claude handed the business down to the next generation. Sophie and Olivier Doolaeghe continue the Marese tradition rooted in the dynamics of innovation and responsiveness of a family business.

Sophie and Oliver bring new brands to enrich the product offering, and a new store concept is developed grouping these brands under a single banner Ooxoo. Soon to follow the first Ooxoo stores were opened in March 2004, and today you can find these brands in over 260 shops.

If fashion is an eternal, our years of experience have always put children at the center of the concerns of design teams and engineering designing functional clothing, durable and suitable for every age group. Today, 150 people are the lifeblood of Marèse are fully extended toward a goal of excellence both in terms of products of the proximity to our customers.

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